Precision HRT

A revolution in Menopause Therapy

This is one of the websites of John O'Dea MD, a California-based Irish endocrinologist whose focus has long been the exciting yet usually ignored influences of the sexual & related hormones, as they broadly operate in concert upon mind & body.  These long-ignored but now finally acknowledged, mind-dominating influences are not only novel, but so are their mechanisms of action.  However all previous studies & principles for the treatment of menopause have been based on obsolete, traditional concepts of sex hormone action, which have now been completely invalidated.  It follows that all of our current dogmatic ideas about menopause therapy are utterly nonsensical. 

It follows that those clinical studies of menopausal hormone therapy, such as the WHIMs, even if they had been credibly based upon modern non-oral forms of HRT, which of course they weren't, would be completely invalid, based as hey were onto only on the use of antiquated forms of equine estrogen given via the wrong, oral route but on a fundamentally obsolete intellectual model.  

On this site Dr. O'Dea reveals the new models of sex hormone action, with their massive influences on mind, brain & mind-body, & from them projects a modern, science-based, rational approach to menopausal therapy that for the first time, makes sense, while invalidating on the one hand the traditional forms of therapy offered by traditionalism, & on the other hand the well marketed, intellectuially bankrupt burnt offering of the alternative wing, including so called "bioidentical hormone therapy".


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